Exceeded 30 cases of establishment of ESG evaluation response system for multinational companies’ supply chain companies
Acquisition of AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider status and commencement of verification advice
Signed domestic and overseas ESG Community Membership & Partnership

EcoVadis Advisory Provider 100% Sliver Rating, 50% Gold
Sustainability management and integrated report advisory company 100% awarded LACP Award
Comprehensive CSR diagnosis of group companies (13 affiliates) and briefing by the CEO’s Social Responsibility Committee

Development and application of VIP sustainability management training program for 1 night and 2 days
Provides one-stop solution for financial group companies’ system, evaluation response, report, and verification
Global Top 3 Automakers Supply Chain Overseas Subsidiaries Establishment of Sustainability Management System

Establishment of supply chain sustainability management strategy for multiple multinational companies and system establishment
Establishment of ESG evaluation response system for supply chain of global top 3 cosmetics companies
Established ECONINE


Symbol Mark

The letter “E” and the number “9” of ECO are symbolized.

Alphabet and numbers circulate in the most Korean and oriental Taegeuk pattern, creating three areas by drawing a curve. The Triple Bottomline of Sustainability Management is the economic, social and environmental fields. It embodies the hope that ECONINE’s efforts and achievements toward sustainability will positively virtuous cycle for stakeholders working together with ECONINE and become a good influence on global society.


When thinking about sustainability, the field that comes to mind intuitively seems to be “environment”. “ECO” in ECONINE means the beginning of sustainability, and “9”, the largest number in the East, means the highest dimension. We will provide the best advice to individuals and organizations pursuing sustainability as a partner in the start of sustainable management.

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