How to find out about a company you haven’t been to

There is a book called “How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read”.

The author is a professor named Pierbayard at the University of Paris 8 who needs to read and digest many books. Maybe it’s because he’s a literature professor. It seems that he needed a way to speak as if he had read even an unread book. Just as there is a way to tell about a book you haven’t read, there is a way to know about a company you haven’t been to. It is reading the company’s ‘sustainability management report’.

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Environmental experts, a trend that will change the world in the future

It’s a department with only good prospects for 10 years. I think you’d be better off going to college?

It’s been 15 years already. This is a story told by a senior who I met for the first time during an entrance interview for the Department of Environmental Engineering with a somewhat worried look. Looking back, the story of the senior was a word that showed the status of the environmental field at the time.

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Green management for Win-win between large companies and SMEs

‘Win-win’ is one of the Lao-Tzu ideologies that emphasize the spirit of dialogue and agreement, and has a more comprehensive and positive meaning than co-existence or symbiosis, which are concepts derived from ecology. Many people, including futurists, expect that the principle of coexistence will serve as a guideline for turning the human history of the last century, which was a series of conflicts and confrontations, into a period of harmony.

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Only One Bottom line

“ I wonder how international events held abroad pursue sustainability.  “

The engineer who scanned the interview questionnaire opened his mouth. He left his family in the UK to provide technical advice for a large-scale event to be held in Korea. He also had experience working in several international competitions.

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