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Is ECONINE an EcoVadis rating agency? A related report is required, but there is no data.

ECONINE is not an EcoVadis evaluation agency, but a consulting organization that supports evaluation. However, to help those who are preparing to respond to EcoVadis evaluation, we are sharing excerpts from the EcoVadis website for your reference.

I have no basic knowledge of CSR. Where to start?

ECONINE has provided advice and accumulated know-how to the N-tier (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) partners of global multinational companies ranging from large domestic companies to SMEs in consideration of the corporate size and internal and external environments.

If you are unsure about the need for external advice and what direction to start with, get coaching from an expert with 17 years of experience. We will give you the direction you need.

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Does ECONINE also provide report consulting?

ECONINE provides a report advisory service that supports evaluation responses and strategic perspectives. ECONINE has partnerships with branding, design, translation, and editing experts and groups that can output the Tunkey Base structure based on the latest updates in the global reporting community, and can work in a variety of collaborative structures.

In addition, ECONINE can also act as a verification body because it is qualified as an Assurance Provider from Account Ability. However, ECONINE intends to uphold the principle of prioritizing the independence and reliability of the client’s sustainability report over the profits of ECONINE. Therefore, please note that report planning or preparation and report verification are not carried out at the same time.

I think it would be good to collaborate with our institution (company). Is it possible to inquire about partnership?

As ESG has become a hot topic, various organizations and companies are asking for partnership inquiries. Oftentimes, without even discussing the general purpose or issues of the partnership, there are places that ask for a meeting or just contact us to learn about industry trends. ECONINE welcomes communication with various sectors on various sustainability management issues.

However, when requesting a meeting, please introduce yourself (introduction materials) and tell us in detail about the issues you want to meet or collaborate on, I think it will help us to create a meaningful relationship with each other. ECONINE values each and every one of you who contacted us in the age of infinite connectivity. Thank you for your interest in ECONINE.

I want to pursue an ESG system after consulting, how do I structure a request for proposal?

The request for proposal is an important task of arranging necessary tasks and results, and the sustainability management vision, goals, and maturity of the issuing company must be considered. ECONINE quickly grasps the status of the requesting company, reviews the contents of the request for proposal, and suggests ideas for a consulting structure or method.

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