Do you want to know ESG properly?

An era where sustainability is the new standard

You must be able to define risks and opportunities based on an understanding of the concept of sustainability management.
You can reduce trial and error by acquiring practical skills and know-how for promoting sustainable management.

ESG Performance Disclosure and Average Acceleration

In Korea, the disclosure of listed companies will start in stages from 2025, and it is time to prepare.
The evaluated ESG performance is accumulated on the digital platform and becomes a new business opportunity.

We have expertise accumulated over many years of experience.

It is conducted directly by industry experts with 17 years of experience.

With 17 years of industry experience, we deliver the know-how and insights accumulated while resolving the grievances of corporate executives and practitioners in the field.

We provide practical training based on rich experience.

We have experience in consulting for a number of large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.
We have a wealth of experience in implementing education programs for 2 days and 1 night and developing textbooks.

We provide annual advisory services from a long-term perspective.

It is possible to act as an outside director with expertise in ESG, as well as as a non-executive CSO (Chief Executive for Social Responsibility), advising on specific ESG areas. Enhance ES (environmental, social) execution and ensure G (governance) integrity.

Advised ESG expert consultants in line with corporate characteristics and global standards

ECONINE, an ESG expert group, will serve as your advisor for large and small businesses.

ESG advisory services tailored to your situation
Part-time service for internalizing ESG management
Presenting know-how and insights in various fields

Educational service based on years of experience

ECONINE provides educational services with a professional curriculum that is tailored to the situation of the company based on the experience accumulated while working as a practitioner or leader for many years.

Supply Chain ESG Required for International Bidding and Multinational Transactions
Leadership and professional course according to the position of the members for ESG
ESG Guidelines & Initiatives and ESG Communication
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