Introduction of ESG, if you are not sure where to start?

Reduce trial and error with the advice of experienced experts.

Advice from expert ESG consultants in line with company characteristics and global standards
ESG advisory services tailored to your situation
Part-time service for internalizing ESG management
Presenting know-how and insights in various fields
When you need thick and short advice that is perfect for our company
A 17-year-old industry expert directly proceeds and suggests a solution
Presenting the know-how and insights accumulated while resolving the grievances of corporate executives and practitioners

1 time (2hrs or less) 1 million won

Do you have a question that cannot be answered by education?
  • When you are confused and vague when starting a sustainable management business
  • When you need an expert to communicate and discuss in depth before entrusting education or advice to a professional institution
  • When you are curious about a point that cannot be solved by education and consulting
  • When you have an unorganized question and there is no place to ask
  • When you want to share ESG’s new direction and ideas
Advisory example
  • Priority Checks for ESG Startups
  • ESG Budgeting Considerations
  • Sustainability management tasks and roles and directions for expansion as executives and managers
  • ESG Project Proposal Request Review
  • ESG industry guidance for project planning
  • ESG promotion direction for international bidding and overseas expansion
  • ESG Communication & Branding Approach
  • ESG initiative selection and focus
  • ESG Assessment Preparation and Considerations
Education target

Excluding similar companies and related parties


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Training time and cost

We will guide you after checking the pre-inquiry form.

Helps you make quick decisions.

We help you make decisions based on your experience as executives and practitioners in the field.

It suggests a way to reduce trial and error.

A 17-year-old expert directly proceeds and suggests a solution direction.

We provide objective and verified information.

Experts will directly go ahead and present the solution.

Do you want to quickly internalize ESG management, but are you worried about hiring a full-time employee?
  • Companies that need PM-level experts who will receive long-term advice
  • SMEs that need C-level to lead sustainable management
  • Companies considering hiring an outside director with ESG expertise in accordance with the Capital Market Act
  • Companies that need leaders with ESG expertise
We provide annual advisory services from a long-term perspective.
We can serve as outside directors with expertise in specific ESG areas, advisory, non-executive CSOs (Chief Executive Officers) and ESG expertise.
We enhance ES (Environmental and Social) execution and ensure G (Governance) integrity.
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